If you are serious about your work reaching a wider audience, then you will know how crucial it is to build your online presence (that's not just your website). If you have a business, project, movement or even a big event - your social media strategy should be an important item on your to do list. Knowing where to begin can be daunting if you have never sailed the social sea's, and just like sailing, there are do's and dont's if you want to survive the ever changing currents and tides.

So whether you are a novice sailor wanting to learn all about how to tackle the great big (social media) ocean  - or a seasoned captain needing some navigational assistance (#techniques #towards #treasure), ahoy me harty's, prepare to be boarded!

Social Media

The packs below will give you an idea of how I can help you grow your presence, have higher engagement, build stronger relationships, and have better sailing credits. All that equals sunny skies and smooth sailing!

  • Social account set up

  • 3 post per week (to max of 3 accounts i.e twitter, facebook & instagram)

  • 4 branded images

smooth sailing


starter pack

all pricing is set in USD

per month

  • 5 - 12 post per week - to all chosen social accounts

  • 5 branded images

  • Strategic hash-tagging for accelerating your reach

  • Brand engagement

  • Analytics performance monitoring

  • Social performance report

rock the boat


the works pack

all pricing is set in USD

starting at

  • Strategic planning for your specific needs

  • One on one tutoring

  • Customized program PDF

  • Social media marketing workshop

  • Weekly Calls

black pearl


mentoring program

all pricing is set in USD


ready me harty's?